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2007-2008 Cultural Proficiency Cadre Meeting Agendas

Please add your own issues and ideas for each of the meetings below.

Meeting #4: December 13, 2007
Location: District Computer Lab
Agenda: Complete DVMSAC reports

Openings-Goals/Energizer Buddy Talk

Finish DVMSAC Reports

WIKI: Getting On/Understanding Possibilities
1. Review the cultural continuum-with an example-Post
2. Review the barriers with some examples-Post
3. Review teh cultural proficiency-Essential Elements-Post
4. Format(s) for the book study groups-Post

Beyond Heroes and Holidays-Anti-Racist Education
Corners Conversation
1. Situational and Systemic
2. Emphasis on Good Teaching
3. All Teachers Can Learn
4. Equity and Equality

Speak Up
Next Steps: Like-Work Groups

HOMEWORK FOR 01/17/08:
1. Bring Why Are All the Black Kids... revisit Identity Development in Adolescence pg 52...
2. Beyond Heroes and Holidays read pg 3-17 jouranl what stood out for you?
3. Courageous Conversations read pg 1-21 journal what stood for you?
4. Walk Throughs - complete and discuss...

Meeting #5: January 17, 2008
Location: BOARD ROOM

HOMEWORK FOR 02/21/08:
1) Read Chapter 3 in Courageous Conversations
(2) Teaching Whites About racism - In Beyond Heroes and Holidays .
(3) Please bring back the Presentation packet I distributed a good while ago.
(4) Those who saw Donna Ford again.. could we get the packet and a ten- minute synopsis? Can't wait to see you bmw

Meeting #6: February 21, 2008
Location: BOARD ROOM
1. We will ( as always) discuss /share and learn as we unpack the texts
2. I really want to get to a few tips in presentation skills as we prepare for the future.
3. Ten- minute synopsis and handouts from Donna Ford Pt 2

HOMEWORK FOR 03/27/08:
1. Courageous Conversations complete pg 50-51
2. Explain to someone who you think will benefit from the conversation
3. Reflect on what you have learned from the conversation
4. Read Chapter 4 and ease into 5 Courageous Conversations
5. Send book recommendations for high school Lit course to Jason Fritz at Harriton

Meeting #7: March 27, 2008
Location: BOARD ROOM

HOMEWORK FOR 04/24/08:
- Look at PSSA Data (District Report Card)
- Read “Teaching Whites about Racism” in Beyond Heroes and Holidays (starts on page 40) if you have not read it yet
- Watch Obama speech (posted on Wiki) under “Black History” section and/or read text – think about “windows and mirrors” as you go through it
- Look up the beginning of race in the U.S.

Meeting #8: April 24, 2008
Location: BOARD ROOM

HOMEWORK FOR 05/15/08:

Meeting #9: May 15, 2008
Location: BOARD ROOM

HOMEWORK FOR 06/15/08:

Meeting #10: June 5, 2008
Location: TBA (TO BE ANNOUNCED) Possibly WarmDaddy's????!!!!!

HOMEWORK FOR 2008-2009:

Summer Meetings: August 15 & 16, 2007
Location: Penn Wynne Elementary School
Agenda: Reconnecting, Recommitting, Reuniting

Meeting #1: September 20, 2007
Location: LMSD Board Room
1. Sharing resources (if anyone has used or found something new...please bring info).
2. Sharing time for those who have begun work in his/her school.
3. "Unpacking" the Barriers to Proficiency (C Prof. Book).
4. Finalize the template or checklist work we did for the equity walk areas (thanks to Gail for typing).
5. Working together on a continuum presentation/conversation....(if that is the next concept you want to share with colleagues).
6. Tips for preparing interactive sessions (first of mini-lessons...smile).

1. Explore the Wiki
2. List /create your own school's equity walk Pick one area: 1) Physical area; 2) Curriculum; 3) Role models; 4) Extra curricula

Meeting #2: October 25, 2007
Location: LMSD Board Room
1. Read Excerpts from Beyond Heroes & Holidays.
2. Distribute Cultural Proficiency: a Manual for School Leaders

HOMEWORK FOR 11/15/07:
1. Equity Walk
2. Minority Consortium Presentations

Meeting #3: November 15, 2007
Location: LMSD Board Room
Agenda: Report Outs from DVMSAC Fall Institute

1. (Bernice) Lower Merion HS Student Voices - We are Your Students
Need for Mentors

2. (Myra) Warren Simmons - Annenberg Institute
Systemic Change

3. (Yvonne) Cheltenham HS Student Voices - We Are Your Students

4. (Lynne) Wakefield HS AP Network

5. (Barbara) Donna Ford - Scholar Identity

HOMEWORK FOR 12/13/07:

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