Book Talks IIBook Talk

Step 1: Give overview of each book at faculty meeting and/or provide
• Information about the Cultural Proficiency Team and its objectives,
• Goals, rationale, and how it relates to closing the achievement gap.
Possible resources:
• Cultural Iceberg
• Ethnic -Minority-Sensitive Lesson Plan format (from CARE)
• "A Girl Like Me" video
• Share Wikispace address with staff

• Decide if want to study one book or a list of books
• Invite staff to attend: group email/ selected staff to get heterogeneous
• Once get group, set up group email list, survey possible days/meeting times
• Choose site/location for meetings; refreshment responsibilities
• ASSIGN homework- keep at 10-20 pages, not too much to start

Step 3: First Meeting
• Opening Ice Breaker activity: Get into pairs: share ideas about your own culture,
purpose is to get to know each other, create group culture, sense of
• Keychain: everyone puts keys into a container, pick keys, interview
the person who owns that keychain, ask questions about the keys,
why did you pick that key chain
• Numbers: Get into pairs, write down 4-5 numbers that are significant about
you (date of birth, number of kids, zip code, house number). Show
paper to partner, they guess what numbers might stand for, then you
tell them what they are about and switch roles.
• Tri-fold: write name on outside panel, write specified information into
each corner (favorite, number of years, etc) Share info
when in pairs.

Suggested Opening questions

What stood out for you in the reading?
What are the main 4 points?
What ideas did not make sense or were difficult to understand?
I used to think
, now I realize .
I was surprised to read.
I agree with
This connected to/with___
What do you still have questions about?