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Paula Deen
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On the the Other hand we have the verdict for...


Watch President Obama speak about Trayvon Martin....speaking in behalf of the African American community!....telling it like it for cultural proficiency discussions on racial micro aggressions, definitions/degrees of racism and the cultural proficiency continuum.

Obama's speech on race in response to Zimmerman verdict
Read the Text here.

Fox News' response to Obama's Speech

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I am not Trayvon Martin. Bob Seay ! Huffington Post

I keep seeing people say, "I am Trayvon Martin." I understand the sentiment. If that is you, then I respect that.

I am not Trayvon Martin. I am a middle-aged, middle class, overweight white guy. I am also a teacher, and in 20 years of teaching, I have seen plenty of Trayvon Martins. More accurately, I have seen plenty of young men who fit the caricatured image that is being portrayed of this kid in the media, Left and Right. Fox News and MSNBC. I'm guessing that neither portrayal - saint or thug - is accurate. People are more complex than that.

None of the Trayvon Martins that I know deserve to die. They may arouse suspicion, but your paranoia is not their crime. If they do commit a crime, they deserve to have a trial. Trayvon Martin's jury consisted of one person. That is not how we are supposed to do things in America. Unfortunately, that is our reality.

Here's my point: You don't have to be Trayvon Martin to know this is wrong. You don't have to be black, or young, or a "troubled student" or a pot smoker to know this was murder. And you don't have to be the parent of Trayvon Martin to know this was a gross miscarriage of justice.

Let me be more blunt: This type of injustice will continue until enough guys like me - guys who are not Trayvon Martin - have had enough of it and finally say "No more."

You don't have to be Trayvon Martin.
You just have to be human.

My White Invisibility Cloak

Dear George Zimmerman,

For the rest of your life you are now going to feel what its like to be a black man in America.

You will feel people stare at you. Judging you for what you think are unfair reasons. You will lose out on getting jobs for something you feel is outside of your control. You will believe yourself to be an upstanding citizen and wonder why people choose to not see that.

People will cross the street when they see you coming. They will call you hurtful names. It will drive you so insane some days that you'll want to scream at the top of your lungs. But you will have to wake up the next day, put on firm look and push through life.

I bet you never thought that by shooting a black male you'd end up inheriting all of his struggles.

Enjoy your "freedom."


A black male who could've been Trayvon Martin

**Tim Wise** - No Innocence Left to Kill Racism, Injustice, and Explaining America to My Daughter;


In 2007, I was a 17 year old boy in high school who at first impression could be profiled as a criminal. I wore baggy clothing, had a foul mouth, and I fit the physical profile of guys who commit crimes every day. A lot like Trayvon.

After Trayvon's death, white supremacist, Klanklannon, hacked into Trayvon's email to try and find more pictures of him with gold teeth and smoke, things that would "justify" killing him as he made his way back to his family unarmed.

But what he found was college scholarship applications. Yes, Trayvon Martin had hopes of going to college to study aeronautics. He was also taking honors courses in high school. Even though Trayvon and I are a lot alike, that's where we differ. He was actually achieving more than I did and had much bigger dreams as a junior in high school.

Another way we differ, is in the to live out our potential. I'm sure a neighborhood watchman wouldn't have picked me to obtain a degree 5 years later, start a non-profit, write a book, and go on to reach thousands every day. And he didn't pick Trayvon either, so sadly we'll never know what his could've beern.
All of this to say, even if you don't consider yourself racist, be careful of the stereotypes you draw based on looks. Everyone isn't what they seem, but everyone deserves a chance to prove that.

RIP Trayvon Martin

Derrick Jaxn


And history Repeats Itself...

"It was Mamie Till, Emett Till's mother years ago who made this profound statement:
"Two months ago I had a nice apartment in Chicago. I had a good job. I had a son. When something happened to the Negroes in the South I said, 'That's their business, not mine.' Now I know how wrong I was. The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all!!!" " Ashanti Proctor Facebook

Gabby Douglas
Ponytail; A poem for Gabby Douglas


An extreme example of White Privilege... What do you think?

Koch Brothers, which manufactures paper products, is paying for Zimmerman's legal fees.
In the wake of the killing the Trayvon Martin, Koch Brothers, which manufactures paper products is paying for Zimmerman's legal fees because they feel he had legal right to bare arms and shoot Trayvon. We are asking that people everywhere ban together with us and pass this information on and not purchase any of the following items because your money will be paying for Zimmerman's lawyer fees.

Please do not purchase any of the following items :
Angel soft toilet paper
Brawny paper towel
Dixie plates,bowls napkins cups
Marci gras napkins and towels
Quilted northern toilet paper
Soft and gentile toilet paper
Sparkle napkins
Vanity fair napkins
Zero napkins

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Stand Strong Against Hate The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks and exposes the activities of hate groups in the United States,. Find out if there are hate groups where you live, and stand up against them.

"Report Takes Aim at 'Model Minority' Stereotype of Asian-American Students" This is an interesting article regarding the model minority stereotype affixed to many Asian-American students.

Asian Americans' academic success misleading, report says - The achievement of some overshadows students who struggle and can pressure them to fit the stereotype.

NCLB's impact on high achieving students "People have been complaining ever since NCLB passed that focusing resources on the bottom students would come at the expense of high-achieving students,” said Tom Loveless, one of the authors of the report. “There hasn’t been any Robin Hood effect, but the high achievers haven’t been gaining, either.” As we push to advocate the the achievement gap,we must consider the backlash...