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This space is managed by Lynne Partridge, Jason Fritz, and Barbara Moore Williams.

We invite all LMSD staff who attend DVMSAC workshops to record your notes and impressions from the monthly speaker series...

Many of us have attended meetings and workshops of the Delaware Valley Minority Student Achievement Consortium DVMSAC. Below are a number of informal 'reports' or reviews of what we experienced. There are also references of interest related to research in the field of minority achievement.

October 2007 - Dr. John Diamond, Harvard University

November 2007 - Drs. Donna Ford and Gilman Whiting, Vanderbilt University
In November, 2007, Donna Ford and Gilman Whiting did a wonderful presentation about their work. Dr. Ford is the author of many research articles and a book entitled Multicultural Gifted Education. Dr. Whiting shared the work he is doing with Dr.Ford in the Nashville, TN area with African-American boys. They have established the Summer Scholar Identity Institute for 100 black males in order to address the growing problem of underachievement among this minority group.

November 2008 - Dr. Eleanor Renee Rodriquez, National Education Consultant, Norfolk, Va.

December 2007- Mychal Wynn, National Consultant, Marietta, Ga.

January & February - 2008 Dr. Donna Ford, Vanderbilt University

February 2008 - Dr. Warren Simmons, Brown University

March 2008 - Minority Student Leadership Institute

Summer 2008 - Dr. Jeanne Oakes, University of California, Los Angeles