This page is dedicated to CP leaders practice contributing to our WIKI.

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TO EDIT A WIKI PAGE: FIREFOX internet browser is recommended.

1. Select the "EDIT THIS PAGE" button.
2. Decide what to add
or revise.
3. The blue menu bar allows you to change text, insert links, pictures, media and more.
3. Be sure to select the "SAVE" button at the top.
4. That's it, you will have contributed to the Wiki!
5. Now be sure to explore each page and collaborate!

1. Discussion topic from Barbara.
2. Create plans for book discussion groups.
3. Respond to a reading or article.
4. Create Cultural Proficiency "cheat sheet" - list stages of CP/ barriers to CP/ etc. on WIKI.
5. Independent learning - explore the wiki on your own, follow the steps below...

Try adding!
0. If your name does not appear on the home page under members, place it there in alphabetical order!
1. Text- change font size/color/bold/italic etc.
2. A link from a website- google anything and choose the tree icon in the blue menu bar.
3. A picture - any image from google will do.
4. Once you are comfortable, go to any page ( see menu bar to the left) and read, revise as you wish!